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Welcome to the JAH Scripture Page.

The following is a selection of articles and Books by JAH explaining the True Interpretation of ALL of The Holy Scriptures.

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The Authorised Version Old Testament - New Testament - TRUE Koran - in ONE Book; all in the same language with Thees and Thous, called "The King of kings' Bible"
Only the new "King of kings' Bible", which includes the ORIGINAL Koran, can get our brothers the moslems to know that they have to read the Bible and bring the world together, in peace, with everyone keeping The Covenant, which is God's Will (Islam in Arabic) as He says in the Bible and in the Koran and all worshipping towards His only Holy Temple, in Jerusalem, at Abraham's Station on Mt. Moriah.
2 Chronicles 3:1 Then Solomon began to build The (Kaba) House of the "I AM" (God/Allah) at Jerusalem in mount Moriah, where [the "I AM"] appeared unto David his father, in the place that David had prepared in the threshingfloor of Ornan the Jebusite.
Discover The Truth about God's Holy Koran in this special Koran Page which contains all the information to prove that His Holy Koran and His Holy Bible, when interpreted correctly, are in perfect harmony and are in actual fact volumes of The One Book from The One Author, as The LORD our God is One and all of man-kind should be.
...What follows is the beginning of a Biblical prophecy leading to the end of the world as we know it.
The scenario moves from way out in space to the depths of good and evil in the human soul. It is a True story, the instruction manual for survival.
Hoarding weapons and/or building bomb-shelters are not the preparations required for what is to come in this world, this, "The Way Home" is the ONLY Survival Plan that works.
God states in Genesis 49:22-24 (king James A.V. of The Bible) that from Joseph will come The Shepherd - The Stone of Israel (Christ, on His Second-Coming) NOT from the Jews, as is clearly stated in Genesis chapter 49...

Find the exact date and location that the body used at The Second-Coming of The Christ / Messiah, as it is clearly stated in Scriptural Prophecy, was born. Learn about what He will do and where He will go in this very enlightening gem of a booklet.

The Key; Missing link and
Binding-tie of The Scriptures.

This long hidden "Book of Enoch and Noah", which originally was part of the Holy Bible; and was wrongfully removed by powerful evil people who did not want you to read it, because of what it says about them; is the missing-link and binding-tie between The Holy Bible and The Holy Koran and it contains proof that the original Holy Koran, contained in God's newly completed "King of kings' Bible", is undoubtedly from The Ruler of The Universe (God/Allah), and, when correctly interpreted, it is in perfect harmony with the Bible (see chapter 104). 
The New Song
What is the "New Song" and why does "The Word" want YOU to learn to sing it and to Live and sing it on The Rock?

Jesus said, "I am The Way, the Truth and the Life" and "no man comes to the Father except by me." The Covenant is called "The Way" in The Torah and Jesus was saying that he was a living demonstration of it (The Way) in action, demonstrating how YOU have to be if YOU want to survive and go home to Father. We have perfect harmony between the two "Songs", The "Song" of Moses and The "Song" of The Lamb (Christ).

The Master's Plan
"A tormented mankind stands uncertainly poised between world catastrophe and a golden age."  - Quote.

We are living in very strange days, and very strange things are happening around us. To the uninformed, it is very dark and puzzling. Nothing seems to make sense, until we turn to The Word (Truth) of God, and see it explained as being part of a Perfect Scheme in the Great Master Plan, working out so meticulously all down through history, and particularly so in the days of our own troubled generation.

Marriage Guidance
Discover how and why the human Marriage Laws given to Moses; that are the ONLY way to make a marriage work and last for ever; are Symbolic of and Spiritually identical to the Marriage Relationship between God, The Father and His Wife (metaphorically) Israel. Find a deeper meaning why The Son, Christ Jesus, had to be Sacrificed, to pave The Way for sinning man-kind to return to the right relationship with God and learn about The only Way for us, His children; from all nations of the world; to be re-united with The Bridegroom and earn our place with Him in The New Jerusalem and New Age of True Peace on Earth, in this extraordinary insight into Divine Wisdom and Love.
The Fight for The Kingdom and Justice for ALL
THIS is The Fight that MUST be fought; The Battle that MUST be fought and WILL be won.  Learn all about the age-old battle between the Forces of Good and Evil on Planet Earth: the history; who, what, where and why, and most importantly, how to fight.  In this article you will find The only Way that we can ensure that we are on the Right Side and fighting in the Right Way, to conquer in God's Name and help to bring True Peace to Planet Earth and Real Justice for ALL of man-kind.
VATICAN CONFIRMATION that JOSEPH of ARIMATHAEA (the VIRGIN's uncle) went to ENGLAND and continued the Conversion of the BRIT-ISH.

(It had already been STARTED
by Jesus - Himself).


The Catholic priest Polydore Vergil who was so renowned for his literary talents that catholic Henry 7th asked him to write an English History. As an Italian and a Catholic proxy Bishop; Prebendary and Archdeacon who became Chamberlain to Pope Alexander VII, he had no axe to grind on behalf of Britain or the British Church. It would no doubt have suited him much better if he could have written of Rome as being the first Christian church but he could not and did not. He wrote:-
"Britain, partly through Joseph of Arimathaea, partly through Fugatus and Damianus, was of all kingdoms FIRST TO RECEIVE THE GOSPEL." (Even before Palestine).
about Virgin Mary


Don't you think that believing lies and gambling your soul on the word of people who tell lies is rather mis-guided and foolish, to put it mildly?
Wouldn't it be much safer to reject lies and believe the TRUTH? What do Jesus' apostles say on the subject?
Christ's Space-ship - Ark

"The New Jerusalem"

"Times Of Noah"

The Arks of Noah and Jesus. Life or death?

Although the Noah's Ark story belongs to the Old Covenant/Testament, frequent references to it, as a very important "Article of Faith", occur in the New Covenant and also in the Koran. In fact, Christ made a "Life or death" (yours) Prophecy, that, at the time when he would return to the Earth, conditions and attitudes on the Earth would be like they were in "the days of Noah". . .
The Blessing and 
Cursing of The Law.
We are told in Deuteronomy, chapter 28, that if we follow The Law, we will be Blessed and everyone will enjoy their share of the abundance of crops that The Ruler of The Universe promised that He would make grow in the land (without the need for chemical sprays, fertilizers or Genetically Modified Seeds which are polluting, poisoning and destroying the Planet we live on). . .
The Catholic Church's Views on Contraception.
In recent years there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the catholic church's views on contraception. To clarify this matter, we should look at on what grounds the church claims that contraception is not permissible. . . 
El NIÑO is one of - The "SIGNS" of The "END" Times, as was CHERNOBYL. All of the "Signs" were Prophesied THOUSANDS of Planet Earth years in advance by The Ruler of The Universe, Who, as you should see, if you read on, is NEVER wrong. The Signs were written for men to be able to recognise the END Time and to warn mankind to STOP (woe! woe! woe! - Revelation 8:13) and turn around BEFORE it is TOO late.
The Terms Buddha & Christ - Explained.
Buddha is NOT a name, it is a descriptive title and means "The Awakened; Anointed or Enlightened One", which is exactly the same meaning as the word "Messiah" has in Hebrew - "Christos" in Greek - "Christ" in English, which are also NOT names but are, like the word Buddha, descriptive titles, as is the word Jesus, which simply means Saviour...
Christ and
the Gnostic Beliefs.
. . .The Gnostics were early followers of "The Way" (Christ) who believed that followers of The One God should not merely revere Christ, but strive to emulate him, in every thought, word and deed. They sought to describe this emulation in philosophical terms, as a method of practice. . .
Paul said, 
"It is NOT I That Lives"
What Paul meant when he said, "I am crucified with Christ and now it is not I that Lives but Christ Lives in me."
The "I" that was crucified with Christ was his "Self" - his separated (from God) "Self" with all of its selfishness and "Self-will", rather than God's Will (Islam in Arabic).
The True Meaning of Resurrection
The first death is the death of "Self" referred to by Paul when he said it is given to man once to die (to "Self") and then the judgement and Christ said that over such as have died the first death (the completion of daily "Self"-crucifixion) the second death (The Fire) has no power. 

When the "Self" is dead the Being; having been reborn (John 3) and having then crucified daily the human "Self"; is resurrected from being under the "Death-Sentence" for insurrection and treason and puts on immortality and Eternal Life again.



THE TWELVE COMMANDMENTS. Ten of which were given to Moses on Mount Sinai (Exodus 20 v 1-17) and the eleventh and twelfth which were given later on by Jesus, one of which God demonstrated and still demonstrates i.e. "love your enemies into being good."
A Mathematical Bible Code

Secular Proof that there is indeed an Infinitely Higher Intelligence (God) in The Universe.

For 3,000 years a secret code in The Bible has remained hidden. Now it has been unlocked by computer - and it may reveal our future. The code foretells events that happened thousands of years after it was incorporated in The Old Testament - from World War 2 to the Gulf War. This article presents what best-selling author Michael Drosnin believes is irrefutable proof of the existence of God. It was one murderous deed that finally convinced him it was for real and now it has all been confirmed by the world's leading mathematicians. This article about the code contains cross-references with the plain text and word-code prophecies in The Bible; explained by JAH...
The following is a collection of readings taken from The Book of Daily Instruction known as YODA - Jedi Master*, which consists of the Divinely Inspired Daily Messages and Teaching from Our Lord, in "God Calling" and "God at Eventide", about how to use The Force of Divine Power, that were written down by 'Two Listeners', who opted to remain anonymous.

* YODA (YO/DA - YOur DAily)
JEDI (JE/DI - JEsus DIsciple)
Master / Teacher -

Your Daily Jesus disciple Teacher.

The Pilgrim's Progress

(or digress, as the case may be)

from this World to that which is to Come.

Under the Similitude of a Dream

detailing the many, many mistakes made by Christians until they become not Christians (Infidels) but Faithful (Fidel) to God.

Wherein is discovered
the manner of his setting out, his dangerous journey
and safe arrival at the Desired Country.

Note: This document is prepared in Adobe Acrobat Reader format. Please follow this link to download Acrobat Reader, if your computer doesn't already have it installed.

The Abrahamic Covenant

Proof that the entirely unconditional Promise which God made to Abraham - "I Will Make of Thee a Great Nation", has been fulfilled; the Truth about who Abraham's seed really are and the revealing prophecies about what is going to happen to Abraham's seed in the very near future.

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